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            2. Latest News

              Get your 2022 ACU Licence Now

              25 November 2021

              With the 2021 season almost over for most disciplines, the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) are pleased to announce that the renewals for the 2022 season are now available.

              Riders are ...

              Black Friday Deals any MX rider can't miss!

              22 November 2021

              Autumn is here, which means that Black Friday deals are just around the corner. To help you pick the best ones, we broke down everything you need to know about Black ...

              Isak Gifting joins Hitachi KTM Fuelled by Milwaukee

              17 November 2021

              Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee is pleased to announce the signing of Isak Gifting to a two-year contract. Gifting will pilot a KTM 250 SX-F alongside Conrad Mewse in the 2022 ...

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